Rat Faction is a website by the rat community FOR the rat community


That’s essentially all there is to know!

First and foremost, get in on this action and comment, comment, comment!  Without your participation the Faction’s full potential won’t be realised!  We love comments, please burn up that keyboard and leave loads!

If you do leave a comment, come back within 24 hours and see if anyone has responded to you.  Engage with them and get chatting!

Rat Faction members are all about community – contributing to it, engaging with it and nurturing community spirit.

We all have stories to share, and the more we know about rats, the better we can be at parenting them (we don’t say “own” here!  I mean really, who’s working for whom?).

The more you know about rats, the more you realise you don’t know.  It can be stressful, and so the Rat Faction was set up to educate and inform.  It really helps alleviate stress.

This is a space to tell your individual stories, cautionary tales, and share your experiences as well as read those of others.

Submit your pitch for an article through the contacts page after reading the pitch guidelines.  We’d love to share your thoughts!

They may be funny tales about your potato scallywags, sad stories about end of life, illnesses or conditions from your experience, cautionary tales about things you’ve found out the hard way, or memorials for your beautiful babies when they pass over the rainbow bridge.

If you can think of a rat related idea, then it’s most likely welcome here!

This is a positive space and as a community we’ll keep this space positive, enlightening, heartening, heartwarming, informative, funny, and entertaining to read.

Respect, kindness and consideration are the first three rules of participating here and it’s because we’ll all be so much better for it.

What this isn’t, is a place to demean, judge, or attempt to be an authority on anything.

We hope to have actual authorities contribute to this site, and if you aren’t one then please be a positive member of our community and be kind and considerate.

Unless it’s for a specific educational purpose, no graphic photographs are permitted on this site.

This site is not a place to ask for general advice in the comments, it’s a place to come to share or read your individual experiences, decide what sits well with you and take it on board, and discard the rest.

If you need health advice, please seek out a vet – we here at Rat Faction know that there is no substitute for forking out the dough to get legitimate and timely expert advice.

Do you have a story you’d like to share?  Please read the PITCH GUIDELINES and submit your pitch through the contact page.