It’s hard to know what reputable sources are, and where to find them.  Luckily the legwork has been done for you!  (Note that there aren’t many, as few true experts are publishing online, but these resources will help you from birth to the rainbow bridge).


For all your science-based medical and medication information, the Rat Guide:


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For all your general care, nutrition, introductions, behavioural issues and more, Isamu Rats:

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Knowing when is the right time to help your fur child over the bridge is fraught with worry, always second guessing yourself and not knowing if you’re making your decisions based on your best interests or your pet’s, as the lines blur with the stress.  A resource recommended by American vets and veterinary professionals is the Quality of Life Scale which can be found by Googling the Paw Spice Quality of Life Scale or clicking below.  It’s designed for cats and dogs with cancer, however if your rat is terminally ill or doing poorly as a geriatric the same scale applies.  An excellent resource.

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Apply to join the Facebook medical group Real Rat Lovers Want to Know.  It’s a closed group, and you have to prove within your profile that you’re a real rat lover.  There are strict rules that must be read as soon as you join and abided by religiously.  Here you can ask your burning medical questions, but as always, advice from anyone online is no substitute for forking out the money to see your own vet.  

This group is administrated by a vet, vet techs, an animal behaviourist, people with a science background and people with decades of experience with rats.  It’s the best you’ll get – just follow the rules.  

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Reputable Websites as Recommended by the Rat Guide

International Veterinary Information System

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Merck Veterinary Manual
merck veterinary manual
Exotic Pet Vet Net
exotic pet
Veterinary Information Network (Information for veterinarians)
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Rat Behaviour
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