The rules of engagement on this site are really simple!

This is a pleasant space for all members of the rat community, so do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Be kind.

Be respectful.

Be considerate.

Understand that everything you post is your opinion and your experience only.  That means, it could be different from others’ and therefore we all don’t have to agree; we’re not experts, just people with experiences and opinions.

Commenting is encouraged.

Keep it respectful or keep it to yourself.

Aggressive or righteous comments will be deleted and repeatedly rude and disrespectful people will be blocked.

It’s ok to disagree, and if you are compelled to do it in the comments, remember, be kind and respectful and preface it with IMO (in my opinion) or IME (in my experience).

Don’t aim to start an argument – aim to learn more from other’s perspective.

Links to outside sources are acceptable provided they are strictly rat related and are in no way endorsed as being reputable.

If sources aren’t peer reviewed and scientific then take them with a grain of salt.

There’s a lot of dangerous misinformation on the internet, including from sources people consider to be experts, for no other reason than they’ve got a website with lots of info on it.  BEWARE.

Take responsibility for yourself, your contributions, and the content you bring into this space.

Make this the place you want to be, so we all want to be here.

This is a community that we’re all responsible for nurturing so we can ALL have a great time being here.  If you want that for yourself then it stands to reason you’d make it so for everyone else.

Don’t believe everything you read!  Just because someone has an opinion or experience doesn’t make it true for you.

Be smart!

Think critically!

Have fun!

Rat Faction admin aren’t the blog police, we’re just here to make sure we can all learn, be entertained and leave happy – never upset.

The rules have to be in place because this is after all, the internet – the den of trolls.

Welcome to the Faction!