It’s Tuesday and you know what that means!  Time to talk TIPS! 

We’ve had lots of requests from Faction Fam to bring you ideas and instructions on homemade rat toys and paraphernalia. 

Today, I’ve rounded up a bunch of websites that are great sources of information.  Ideas and tutorials galore!

Get your clicking finger ready, you’ll want to bookmark these for your reference!

Rats need stimulation, even those lazy older boys.  

In a perfect world, no animals would be caged, but for the rat’s safety as well as the preservation of our material possessions, it’s necessary to cage most rats at least some of the time.

(For great tips on how to safely free range your rats, read here!).

Give them as many options for mental and physical exertion and stimulation as possible.  

Money for most of us, is a real consideration, but you don’t need a lot of money to provide play and exercise for your pets.

Time, patience and probably some glue yes.  

Let’s get into the roundup!

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t watched all the YouTube tutorials, I searched for interesting ones for you.  

Have a read: written tutorials

  • I LOVE the Dapper Rat website! It’s Australian which means suggestions for medications etc are available to me here. It’s a fantastic resource run by a very knowledgeable woman, Robyn, and guess what, there’s a whole list homemade rat toy ideas. Not only that, there’s hammock tutorials, and even “toys from the trash”. Entertainment was never so cheap or easy!
  • RappsRats has a good article with some ideas that you can run with, to make your own ratty entertainment. I really loved the first idea, tearing newspaper strips and wetting/moulding them to make a hut. It’s a brilliant idea. Check out the post, but please be mindful on the point of wheels. Do your research if you decide to buy a wheel. The Dapper Rat recommends Wodent Wheels – no danger of tail breaks and deformed spines!
  • Here’s a link to a Ratropolis article that links to homemade cage accessories. I love it when people do some of my work for me!

Watch: video tutorials


  • Homemade toilet roll toys from Shadow the Rat, click here.
  • More toilet roll toys, this time from Erin’s Animals click here.
  • What about MORE toilet roll toys?! Click here for ArtRat & RadRat tutorials.
  • Mix it up with tissue box toys from Shadow the Rat, click here!




  • Check out this list of YouTube videos on no-sew hammocks!
  • I love this Ratropolis page. It’s full of different types of hammock tutorials. When I had rats, my friend that made all my hammocks got her start making excellent quality hammocks and bedding using this site. Enjoy!


Ratty entertainment doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and there’s plenty more ideas and tutes on the internet to evidence my claim 🙂

Have you made any awesome homemade toys? If you know of some great tutorials leave a link or a description in the comments!



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