write for rat factionCan you remember the last time you saw or heard your rat do something you couldn’t explain or hadn’t encountered before?

When you first adopted rats, I bet that first year was one of the steepest learning curves you’ve ever had!

Rats are enigmatic creatures, genetically pre-destined for doom (too dramatic?).

Well, they’re at least genetically pre-destined for illness, and that’s stressful for all involved.

Rat Faction exists because I want you all to share your stories with others so that the collective stress level can decrease.

If you know there’s a place to read about another person who’s had similar experiences to you, wouldn’t you want to read that story in-depth, so you can inform your own decision making?

Rat Faction is a true community

Rat Faction is a community for like-minded individuals, and it exists to be a mouth-piece for your experiences.

You can help others and others can help you, without judgement.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Will you be a part of it?

We’re not an advice site, simply a place to log onto and gather information and take from the stories and articles that which sits well with you, and discard the stuff that doesn’t.

The information will remain here so if you change your mind (we should all be open to changing our minds right?!) you can find what you need in the archives.

Rat Faction is a passion project for me and it will only start to take it’s intended form when the community starts to contribute their stories so that others can increase their knowledge and decrease their stress.

write for rat faction


Everyone has a story in them!

You do.  If you have rats now or ever did have rats, you’ve got a story.

They’re the stories you tell friends, family and co-workers (and if you’re like me, any stranger who stands still long enough for me to bring up the topic of rats :p).

Help out your fellow rat community members that haven’t experienced what you have, and those who are new, and submit a pitch and get your article up on here!

think back to when you first got rats & everything freaked you out…

Remember what it was like getting your first rats, hearing their first sneeze, feeling or seeing their first lumps, wondering if your rat was dying or hiccupping, and seeing your babe struggle for breath when their first respiratory infection took hold?

Do you remember that first night you woke up to croaks, wheezes and wuffles and lost your mind with anxiety, not knowing what was happening and how you could help?

Do you remember getting medication from your vet that didn’t seem to work and not knowing what to say to your vet to convince them their dosages or prescriptions need amending?

All the while your rat sits in their carrier, silent and cleaning with vigour as though nothing is wrong, and your vet thinks you’re overreacting?

It’s the worst.  You can help ease that stress and anxiety for others – potentially hundreds or thousands of others, if you give them the gift of your experiences, so they can be informed instead of scared.

Submit your pitches today!

Rat Faction is definitely all about helping ease stress, but we’re also about laughs and “aaaaws”.

Do you have a funny story?  A cautionary tale?  A tutorial?

WRITE IT FOR YOUR COMMUNITY, PLEASE!  How valuable your article will be 😀

If you’ve experienced it, we’re likely very interested.  Get in before someone else publishes the  same idea.

What stories will get published?

As long as it’s about rats, and it’s clearly based on your experiences, not as though you’re claiming to be an expert that can give solid advice, we’re interested.

  • Tutorials
  • Uncommon illnesses
  • Symptoms of illnesses
  • Common illnesses and conditions and what you did to treat them
  • Experiences with vets
  • Experiences with specialists
  • Comparing cage accessories
  • Comparing cages
  • Cautionary tales about dangers in the home or cage
  • Has your rat had special tests?  What for?  What was that like?
  • Funny things your rats have done
  • Heartwarming stories about winning over rat haters
  • Your heart rats and why they were your heart rats
  • Your funniest rats
  • Difficult rats and rat behaviours and how you helped them

If you can think it up, shoot it through to our editor via the contact page, after reading the pitch guidelines!

What isn’t accepted?

If your idea is along these lines, it probably won’t be accepted:

  1. Flat out telling people what they should or have to do.
  2. Stories that aren’t expressly from the perspective of the writer’s experience – see item 1.
  3. Stories that aren’t about rats and your experiences with them.
  4. Stories advocating breeding or breeders.  Rat Faction can’t visit all breeders to ensure they’re above board, so we do not endorse breeders or breeding.
    We can’t afford to mislead people any more than you can.  If you’ve had a wonderful experience with rats from breeders, then you can absolutely talk about your experiences with the rats only.
  5. Stories advocating pet shops – as per item 4.

write for rat faction, rat, fancy rat, rodent, pet rat


why do you have to pitch?  Why can’t you just write a story and submit it?

Sadly Rat Faction’s editor doesn’t have the time to read through dozens of full articles.

You would also feel pretty awful if you spent hours putting an article together, only to submit and our editor returns feedback that a big chunk of it needs some sort of change.

Your idea might need a little tweak, your story might ramble and not make a point, it might not meet guidelines for the site, it may have already been done etc.

Don’t take any of the feedback personally, it’s just writing, and this is how getting published works – even on startup blogs.

If you have a pitch, you already have an outline and your idea is already more clear.  It helps, trust me!

If our editor asks for a tweak, or more information, or for you to write from a slightly different perspective etc, that’s not a slight on you at all, it’s the nature of being published ANYWHERE.

Don’t give up, don’t get the shits, just do what you’ve got to do and share your wonderful story with the rat community.  That’s what this is all about!

You absolutely MUST edit your work properly.  Spell check, edit so it’s succinct and not rambling etc.

If a full blog post comes through that is full of errors, that really can’t be handled on our end, it will be sent back for further editing.

Please save yourself the irritation and use Grammarly or something 🙂

Is there a limit to how many stories you can publish on Rat Faction?

NUH!  Go for it, if you have 20 stories in you, then go ahead and pitch in batches of no more than three ideas at a time.

What about attribution?

You get your own author byline, so design maximum of two short sentences, and that will be published with all your posts.

People are also able to read all articles you write, so you can get yourself quite the little portfolio.

What are you waiting for?

I want to hear from you NOW!  Send in your pitches, let’s get you published!



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