Want to write for Rat Faction?  

Marvellous!  Please do not submit a pitch until you have fully read through all the guidelines below!

Please submit a pitch of all the ideas you have for an article – not an entire article.

Why?  Trust me, I’m saving us all time.  If you slog away, spending your precious time writing an article that just doesn’t fit into this blog, or needs a lot of revision, it will irritate you so much you’re likely not going to want to resubmit.

Just send me the pitch/es, I’ll give you the go-ahead or make some suggestions and THEN you’re good to go, with no doubts or misconceptions about what to write.


All pitches/articles must be rat related.  No exceptions.

The pitch should include only the following:

  • your working title
  • approximately how many words you will be writing (minimum 500)
  • brief outline of each post you’d like to write – use dot points if you like, and cover off on all the points you’d like to make

(This helps you stick to that plan so you don’t end up with a 2500 word post on nothing in particular.   It happens to the best of us!).

Submit your pitch through the contacts page.

If any/all of your pitches are suitable for this blog, we will be in contact, and give you a deadline you must meet in order to be featured.

Occasionally a pitch will be accepted with a suggestion as to how to write the article so it will best suit this website.  That is not a slight on your concepts, it is an editing requirement to ensure all articles have a point of difference and are relevant.

If your pitch is accepted and you write your article, it must be grammatically correct, spell checked and proof-read.  You must send your final draft.

Write like it’s going to be seen by thousands (it could be!); make it the best work you can do.

Sadly our editor has limited time and it doesn’t extend to proofing and editing submitted documents, that will be your job.  Poorly edited articles can’t be published, hence these guidelines, which are here to save us all as much time as possible.

The final article will either be accepted as is or returned with suggested editorial changes – again, not to be taken as a slight on your skill or concept.

When you send your final article, you agree to have it in by the deadline and to re-submit the article within seven days if re-writes are required.

Once your final article has been accepted, you will be notified of the publish date.

Please make yourself available to show some love to the people who comment on your article for at least the first 24 hours after it’s published (sporadically – don’t stress over it).

All articles must be a minimum of 500 words.

Conciseness is key.  Please ensure your articles are not rambling, do not repeat points, and are laid out in an easy to read blogging format.

At this stage, Rat Faction does not pay for article submissions, but we do provide a byline for writers should you wish to take us up on that.

If your ideas are sent back with some revision suggestions, please make the changes and don’t take it personally.  It’s not rejection, get back to us, we want to hear from you.

Writing isn’t something that a lot of people get perfect first time, welcome to the biz xx

We look forward to sharing your stories with our community!